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Data on Aage

Aage - beam reach

Aage is a double-ender with a white, low, freeboard and a convex stem from which a 3 meter fixed bowsprit points almost horizontally. Aage is bermuda rigged with 34 m2 in the main, 10 m2 in the stay-sail, and 3 genoas/foresails on 10, 17, and 24 m2, respectively. The genoas are attached to the bowsprit with a traveller ring.

Aage is carvel-built of pitch pine on oak with mono hull. The deck was originally a tongue-and-groove strakes (pitch pine) with canvas (teak-deck today).

The mast was made of fir (probably Oregon Pine).

The owner certificate (Bilbrev) states that Aage belongs to ”Crafts Division, dept. V for Danish vessels under 20 gross tonnage." The following data follows:    

Length water line


Beam (max) to outside of frames


Depth from deck's lower edge to  fra Hoveddækkets Underkant til udenbords Klædningens (Pladens) Overkant


Draft (fully operational without cargo)


Deck's fore-and-aft curvature


Deck's athwartship curvature


From the Bilbrev, it is stated that Aage was cutter rigged. We believe that Aage was originally a gaff-rigged cutter with a main, one stay-sail and one foresail on the bowsprit. With this configuration, Aage would have been wonderfully balanced at the helm and, of course, with ample directional stability. This is particularly true due to the fact that Aage did not, in 1912, have an engine and therefore no cut-away wood in the sternpost.

Later, in 1929 or earlier, an engine was installed. And somewhere between 1929 and 1945, the gaff-rig was converted into the then modern bermuda rig and the bowsprit was removed. These things in combination must have induced a significant weather helm for Aage (take a close look at Aage in 1945 - the helm is clearly kept to windward in even the modest of conditions). The little stay-sail would not have been able to counter the massive main which was hoisted on a mast we estimate to be roughly 17 meters. Take a look at Aage again and it will be no surprise that the spar later broke somewhere above the spreader.

From another of the official certificates (Dansk Nationalitetsbevis), Aage is characterised as a 'half-deck boat with auxiliary engine' - built by Svend Svendsen, in Kastrup, Copenhagen, 1912. The following data follows:

Boat's  tonnage - space under the deck

8,15 tons

Boat's  gross tonnage

8,71 tons

Boat's net tonnage

Eight tons

Read more on the history of Svend Svendsen and his way to Aage.

A Danish Leisure-ship Certificate (Dansk Lyst-fartøjs Certifikat) was issued for Aage in 1945 to the owner. The certificate was a distinguished honour and would be withdrawn should Aage "not be kept in a manner and condition appropriate for ships with the certificate. Should the ship also hold permission for flying the Danish Yacht-flag, this could be withdrawn as well."

Luckily, we still have both certificates.

Aage - down wind

Aage - beam reach